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ZANFI lighting  projects portfolio 2023

ZANFI bespoke lighting profile 2023 edition

ZANFI outdoor lighting 2023 edition

ZANFI lighting has completed hundreds of projects around the world in the past years. In this portfolio you can see some of ZANFI’s completed projects. These projects include five-star hotels, villas, restaurants and other establishments. ZANFI is a one-stop lighting solution provider.

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If you need to custom the indoor or outdoor  lightings for hotels, resorts, villas, apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, business center and other commerical or residential places, please download our profile

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This catalogue contains outdoor underground lightings, lawn lightings, wall washer  lightings, spotlights,  garden lightings etc…… for hotels, resorts, villas, parks, commerical and residential places.

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ZANFI commercial lighting 2023 edition

This catalog contains the LED downlight, spotlight, surface mounted light, etc…… for hotels, resorts, shopping malls, offices, commercial, and residential places.

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